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taly Mable and Granite uses a machine called the Brenton Smart-Cut 550 OPTIMA to preform the custom fabrication on or Granite, Marble and Quartz stones. The Smart-Cut 500 is an ideal tool for cutting custom stone pieces because of its interpolated axes, rotating head and fixed work bench.

It is designed to perform multiple machining operations including cutting of slabs, shaping and dishing out of small blocks, engraving of inscriptions, drilling, etc. using either the diamond disc or the drills. All of these operations use to be done with multiple machines, but are now done with one saving hours of time so that your custom fabrication project is done as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Borders & Edges

1/4 Bevel

Semi Bull Nose

1/2 Ogee



1/2 Bevel


Hollywood Bevel

1/4 Round

1/4 Round – Top & Bottom

Full Bull Nose


Half Bull Nose

1/4 Bevel – Top & Bottom